KL Select Italia Pirouette Snaffle Bridle

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This bridle is georgeous.  The black is beautiful, but the rich, chocolate brown with black padding is stunning. Everyone that looks at the bridle display is drawn to it.

The KL Italia Pirouette has a classic look and comes with TWO browbands:

a 3/4" V shaped crystal and a 3/4" matching padded round raised browband . 

The Pirouette features a 1 5/8"  padded round raised flash crank noseband, 5/8" cheek pieces, a padded, threaded headstall  providing the ultimate comfort for your horse's poll.

Comes complete with 3/4" Dressage Reins (plain leather reins with stops). This bridle is made of the best Italian leather. All hardware is stainless steel, buckle end, with a roller buckle on the noseband. Beautiful with a wonderful feel.

The photos do not do the brown bridle justice.

Sizes: Full

Colors: Black with Black padding Brown with Black padding