Kavalkade Ivy

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This elegant "Ivy" bridle by Kavalkade has all the features of an ergonomic bridle for a comfortable fit for the horse. The English noseband with flash is fixed to the crown piece on both sides which reduces pressure on the horse's poll. The noseband is softly padded with a special curved cut to keep the cheek bone clear. The extra wide anatomically shaped and softly padded crown piece allows for extra comfort and freedom for the horse's ears. The browband is curved and the contrast stitching and decorative stitching give this bridle a very elegant look. Comes complete with rubber reins.

• Fully anatomically shaped  bridle
• Luxurious soft padding throughout
• Extra wide padded crown
• Elegant stitching and embroidery
• The noseband has a curved cut to keep horse's cheekbones clear